Instagram Engagement

You might have head the term here and there, and you might be wondering  :what is it all about ? I am sharing my experience as a small account (under 2k followers) that has a high engagement rate, there are various factors and things are very different depending on your niche, following, post frequency…

Interactions are likes and comments on your post. The more your post is shown love and interest, the higher your engagement will be.

Engagement rate : average interactions per post / number of followers

This ratio shows how much your following interacts with each post, a high engagement rate means a lot of your followers see and like / comment your post, whereas a low number implicates that they either don’t see the pic or don’t like it enough to engage….

If you don’t want to bother with numbers, here is a site that will do the maths for you :



From researching the web, I found various “average” engagement rates, and I am not convinced one applies to all.

But here is what I gathered :

  • Anything under 5% is somewhat considered “low”
  • Between 5 and 10% would be the average
  • Above 10% is high
  • As your following grows, your engagement rate is likely to decrease

I will soon post some tips on how to increase your engagement rate so stay tuned…

Had you previously calculated your account’s engagement ? Let me know down below !

Have a gorgeous day !

And thank you for reading !


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