5 Tips for better flatlays

Taking flatlays is a great way to get your instagram feed to look amazing, but taking a good flatlay is harder than it sounds…

Here are my 5 tips to make your flatlays look better !

  1. Good lighting is always the key !
    Whatever you are shooting, your photo will only look good if it is well lit. You can obviously play around with shadows, and try different settings, but avoid dark areas and flash photography if you use a phone at all cost !!!
  2. Get a clean, even background…
    It doesn’t have to be plain white, you can choose any material and any finish you like but keep in mind that it should not distract the eye from the actual subject of the picture…And a smooth surface will help keeping your products still !
  3. Take multiple shots.
    Try different angles, re-arrange the products, check that things are aligned (if you are going for the clinical super neat flatlay…). It’s usually easier to see if your flatlay is good by just snapping a picture and looking at it carefully. There are things you can easily edit, and others that you cannot.
  4. Use sticky glue.
    Most important thing to have on hand when taking flatlays, especially with those lipglosses rolling around !!! Stick a bit of Patafix / Sticky glue to the back of the object and press it down on your background. You are gonna love aligning things !!!
  5. Be detail oriented.
    I’m not really talking about perfectionnism here, but, it’s about paying attention to small flaws that can make your flatlay look a bit more amateurish than you had expected. Wipe fingerprints and stains off the packaging, make sure there isn’t an unwanted reflection in the mirror of your compact (like yourself in the most unflattering angle possible…), DO NOT take pictures of your dirty makeup brushes (no, like seriously, please don’t), and so on…

Hope those tips were not too obvious !!!

Happy flatlaying !!!

A Girl From Paris

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