If you invest in a collection of make up brushes, you want to keep them looking and feeling as good as new as long as possible. Throwing them away after a few months of use is not a valid option, so you better clean them often ! Build up product will result in shedding of the bristles and useless brushes.
Not to mention hygiene and the fact that using bacteria loaded brushes might cause acne breakouts or even infections (that seems extreme but you are never too cautious !).
If you are able to wash them every time you use them, that would be perfect, but let’s be real here, every few uses for powder brushes and every other use for cream brushes will totally do it.
I don’t really use alcohol based products these days but it is a good option if you want them to dry fast and get the antibacterial benefits ; I have been using these method for over a year and a half and I find it works wonders, is pretty cheap, and quite natural.
You will need :
– A bar of Alep Soap
(Marseille soap will work wonders too, any traditional soap with few basic ingredients will probably do the job.)
– Lukewarm water
Avoid using hot water that may loosen the glue that holds the bristles, and cold water that may not deep clean enough.
– A cleansing pad (optionnal)
I got mine from Amazon for 1 or 2 €. Took a long time to arrive but does its job well…
– A small towel
Step 1
Wet the bristles with water, I place them under running water from the tap, starting with warm to dislodge dirt and grease. Try to avoid wetting the bristles where they are attached to the handle, because you risk loosening the glue. Make sure you are wetting all the bristles, opening the brushes to expose the centre if they are big.
Step 2
Rub the dirty ends of the bristles against the bar of soap, if they are wet enough, it’s gonna make a good amount of foam. Wet them again if needed.
Step 3 :
Rub the brush against your palm or a silicone cleansing tool until there is no more make up, if necessary repeat step 2.
Step 4 :
Rince the bristles with lukewarm / cold water until clean.
Step 5 :
Gently press the excess water and reshape then lay the brushes to dry on the towel, making sure the bristles are pointing downwards, so no water will become trapped into the handle.
Step 6 :
When the brushes are dry, reshape them and store them away from dust.
Thanks for reading, let me know how you take care of yours 😉…
Anne Sophie

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