5 restaurants I recommend in Paris

The food offer in the French Capital is one of the best in the world, but also has lots of touristic restaurants that are mostly crap, and that you should try to avoid if possible.

Here are some restaurants I would recommend to my friends visiting Paris !

I have eclectic tastes when it comes to food so this list is not french food only !



Lunch time : from Monday to Friday
Dinner time : Tuesday to Thursday
128 rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris

Koto Koto offers take away and a small seating area and it’s one of my favorite places to get a taste of Japan near the Gare de Lyon. They have daily menus, bentos, vegan options, funny desserts and everyone is super friendly. The cook has gastronomic background and is Japanese, and the prices are very fair for the quality and quantity of food you get (not to mention your bento is totally instagrammable…)




Lunch and dinner every day of the week
134bis, rue de Charenton 75012 Paris

This is my favourite italian restaurant in the area, a few steps away from KOTO KOTO. I usually have their amazing pizzas (you can choose different options for the dough !) but their pasta is also super good. The guys are italian, super friendly, and only use fresh products, meaning the food quality here is top notch. It can get very busy at peak hour but the service is usually fast and efficient !




15, rue François Miron 75004 Paris
Classic cuisine with a twist
Although our lunch seemed a bit expensive, the service was good, the food delicious and a bit creative so we did not get bored. Plus they do an amazing job at making the dishes look super pleasing to the eye !
Located on a small street, next to one of the busiest area of Paris city center.




50 Rue Amelot  75011 Paris
Open : Tuesday to Saturday

We went to this restaurant a few years back, because it was raved about a lot after the opening. I love the concept of surprise menu and this one was delicious, original and unexpected. The idea is to tell the waiter things you do not enjoy or have allergies to. They will adapt the daily menu according to your wishes. This means that every dish is a surprise and the waiter takes time to explain everything about what you are going to eat, the name of the ingredients, the way it was cooked or prepared, how you are suppose to eat it…
I am very sad I don’t have any pictures on hand, but years later I remember the salad that included Ficoïde glaciale (an african cactus like plant that was weird and good at the same time) and the dessert, a rhubarb un sweetened pie topped with cotton candy, you could wait for it to melt on the pie, sweetening it. Amazing experience overall, the restaurant is quite small so it’s better to book a table. Prices are quite high, but we thought it was really worth it !

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L’entrecôte de bœuf maturée 60 jours

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Open only Monday to Friday
80 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris

This restaurant was also super hyped-up, so hyped up you had to book weeks if not months in advance…One of my Dutch gourmet friends was very excited to try it out, and we had the most wonderful time there.
* By the way, if you are in Amsteram, go check his restaurant : RIJSEL !!! *
The space is very nicely designed, with a clean industrial feeling that I love. The concept is the same as Qui Plume La Lune, with a mystery menu that is modified to fit your taste. I didn’t want fish or seafood that day, and most of my dishes were completely different than what the others had. The overall cuisine is very tasteful and simple. The staff was amazing, we had a fantastic time with them. Plus they were celebrating the first year of the restaurant and we had a very cool chat with some of the staff after they had closed plus a wine bottle on the house ! Fun fact : Beyoncé and Jay-Z dinned there the night after, and within a few weeks Septime had made it into a “Best restaurant in the world” list, and the ched said in an interview he had declined a booking from Kim K !!!  “Elle n’aurait rien compris à ma cuisine !”…. *Me smiling


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