3 cultural places to see in Paris

There are thousands of City Guides for Paris, and thousands of things to see in the French Capital !!!

You will find below 3 spots that are not always mentionned, but that in my opinion really deserve to be seen !!!


Bibliothèque Forney
(Forney Library)

This is an old building located in the heart of the city, a few minutes away from Saint-Paul Le Marais metro station. Known as Hôtel de Sens, it was built in the 15th century. It houses an incredible archive, but way more interesting, the building in itself with complete middle ages vibes with courtyard on the street side, and an amazing garden on the river side. You can enter the courtyard and snap pictures, and have a walk in the garden before heading to the island, or walking along the river banks…

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one of my favourite libraries in Paris.. #bibliothequeforney

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Musée du Moyen Age de Cluny
(Cluny Middle Ages Museum)

This incredible medieval jewel in the Latin Quarter of the city has an amazing collection, and gorgeous gardens on the back, next to a roman thermal complex. I absoutely love this place, it feels like time travelling !


Musée Jacquemart-André
(Jacquemart-André Museum)

This former private home turned into museum is a little french palace housing some gorgeous pieces of art, as well as preserved rooms with the original furniture of the owners. If you like the 18th century, you will love this museum. Be prepared for a grandiose setting for your outfit of the day, the courtyard / garden is beautiful !

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Один из самых фотогеничных музеев Парижа. Эта комната впечатлила меня больше всего! Где вы ещё видели зимний сад в мраморных стенах, украшенными зеркалами?❤️ Владельцы дома были коллекционеры, которые объездили полмира, чтобы сконцентрировать в своём частном доме,уникальной архитектуры выдающиеся картины (например, Ботичелли😍), скульптуры, предметы искусства и восхитительную мебель. / This is the Winter Garden of the house paved in marble with walls adorned with mirrors. The family gathered a breathtaking collection of paintings (Boticceli 😍), sculptures and rare furnishings in their private house with a unique architecture. There is no more wonderful setting than this. ❤️ #museejacquemartandre

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