Apple and cinnamon rolls recipe

Hey lovelies, the holiday season is already here and I just tried this recipe that is very very close to one of my favorite Starbucks treats.

The original recipe is in french and can be found on this blog : Toque et talons aiguilles

I altered it a bit and added some apple that helps making them less dry, so here is my own take on the classic :


Ingredients (for 12 rolls):

For the dough :

320g flour
45 g butter (at room temperature)
5g bread yeast
100g white sugar
1 egg
125 mL milk

For the stuffing :

35 g melted butter
10g cinnamon (powder)
100g brown sugar
1 baking apple (optionnal

For the icing :

40g Philadelphia cheese
30 g melted butter
70g icing sugar
2 tablespoons of milk

Directions :

Make the applesauce !

Cut the apple in medium sized pieces and throw them in a cooking pan on medium/low heat, and cover. Crush and mix from time to time until you have apple chunks mixed with apple-sauce. Let cool for later on.

Make the dough !

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl, then add the liquids and start hand mixing. It’s gonna stick like crazy at first, and the more you work it (as you would with bread dough), the easier it will come off your hands. You can add a pinch of flour to help.

Once the dough is well mixed and started expanding, place it in a dish covered with flour, and put in the oven at 60ยฐC for 10-20 min.

When you take it out, it should be huge !

I divide the ball in two parts because I find it easier to work with.

Use your pastry roll (or your hands if yours is in the dishwasher at that time, like me) to create a rectangular shape.

Make the stuffing !

Mix the brown sugar with the cinnamon powder.

Pour the liquid butter on your dough rectangle, and try to spread it evenly.

Spread your sugar/cinnamon mix

Add some applesauce (if you are into it) !

Roll your rectangle carefully and cut more or less even slices.

Place them on baking paper in a dish and cover with a towel for at least 30 min (left mine for longer because I was making dinner, they ended being a bit too big and a bit too dry).

The rolls are going to expand and if you place them close to each other, they will merge and you will have to separate them when they are done (which I personally love).

Bake for around 15 min at 200ยฐC until they are golden.


Make the icing !

Mix the cream cheese, icing, melted butter and milk in a bowl.

You can change the proportions to fit your liking and taste while making it.

Coat the buns while their are still warm.

Et voilร  !

You can keep them in a plastic ziplock bag or tupperware box for around 2 or 3 days !

Hope you will like this recipe !

Thank you for reading !

Anne Sophie

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